Make an effort, not an excuse.

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love my city.

So real right now!

The excitement right now!

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Bun day, fun day. Strolling La Jolla Cove with the Canon t3i

No backing down now, it’s really happening 😁😁

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I miss Disneyland and California Adventures! 

My dog Porkchop the Corgi. Just messing around, taking short clips of what he does outside. haha

Comic Con 2014.
I thought I’d do something different, adding to the love of photography, I thought video taping my adventures would be just as much fun. I know it isn’t the best video, it’s one of my first and I know there is so much more to learn to make it better. But I was too excited to get started so here’s the end results of what I recorded from comic con. I was a little disappointed I didn’t record as much and do better clips haha but it’s just the start.


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soon, i hope

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